PHYSIOMATE PM-1000 is an exerciser that offers cycling, rowing and arm orbits targeting, your legs, upper back, shoulders, arms and hands. PHYSIOMATE can form part of a physical exercise program for health and rehabilitation*.

PHYSIOMATE is designed to suit users of all ages

The PHYSIOMATE is a great way to exercise in the privacy of your own home. You can do one session or multiple short sessions during the day. You can do this while listen to your favourite music or watching a movie. It features a variety of exercises offering cycling, rowing and arm orbits that targets legs, upper back, shoulders arms and hands. These exercises can be done on their own or in combination another benefit is some extra exercises can be done whilst standing.

  • The PHYSIOMATE can be used sitting on a home chair or in a wheelchair.
  • There is no need to climb onto a bike seat to exercise.
  • This benefits seniors, people with reduced mobility and those in rehabilitation.
  • The PHYSIOMATE is designed to allow users to perform a variety of exercises.
  • These exercises can be done on their own or in combination.

  • The modes of exercise

    The modes of exercise are, Cycling, Pull down rowing and Tai Chi orbit motion wheels. You can also combine some of the exercises to make it more interesting and challenging for the body and mind. You can combine, Cycling and rowing pull-downs and Cycling and Tia Chi orbit motion wheels.

    Variations of exercise include however not limited to

    • Lower body workout
    • Rowing
    • Tai Chi orbit motions
    • Standing

    Improve strength, balance and cardiovascular fitness

    PHYSIOMATE may offer you a convenient, easily accessible method to improve strength, balance and cardiovascular fitness, thereby improving your ability to do everyday tasks.

    *How you use the PHYSIOMATE depends on your physical condition and fitness goals. Speak to your health care professional about exercising with the PHYSIOMATE for your specific needs.

    PHYSIOMATE can be used for various standing exercises. Rowing for shoulders and arms and Tai Chi orbit wheels for exercise and keeping the mind alert. Easy adjustable features on the PHYSIOMATE ensure all the family can use it to BENEFIT HEALTH and WELLBEING.


    • cycling for lower body
    • rowing workout for upper body
    • orbit motion exercise for the arms
    • adjustable pedal resistance
    • resistance with every pulldown (rowing motion)
    • handlebar returns automatically to starting position after each pulldown
    • foldable for storage
    • On wheels for easy movement in the home
    • Front adjustable stabilisers to ensure unit is level


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